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Basic Information

Don't play music or make disturbing noises after 11 pm

Set your wood fire far of your camping tent to prevent accidents.

For cold season (December - March), it is necessary to use blankets and shelters.

Access is not allowed with pets throughout the park and in the camping area in general.

In rainy seasons (June-September) camping is not recommended near to the river.

Take care of the little ones who are with you. Do not allow them to enter the river or pools alone.

If you bring food or drinks. Set the trash into the containers designated in the camping zone

We don't refund money for damages caused by climate change

Take care of your belongings, the park is not responsible for loss of objects.

Moderate your consumption of alcoholic drinks. Handle glass containers with care.

Respect the place and other people who are camping.

If you prefer, you can bring your own camping equipment (tent, blanket, food, drinks, grill, charcoal, etc.). In that case you only have to pay your entrance tickets to the park daily per person. See prices

It is strictly prohibited, the felling of any shrub, plant or tree, as well as the hunting of birds and animals present in the area. In the same way it is strictly forbidden to paint or scratch walls, trees, rocks, signs in the whole park and on the road of arrival.
In case of breach of any of the clauses or recommendations of this point, he may be awarded an economic sanction, imposed by the Supervisory Board and the Administration of the place; In cases of high severity, shall be referred to the competent judicial authorities.

How to rent a camping tent?

If you don´t bring a camping equipment, specific camping tent, you can rent a tent with us. And we can rent you all necesary equipment for your camping.

The rent cost of camping tent is by night, and it must be delivered next day at 2:00 pm.
While the park ticket cost is per day and by person. From 07:00 am to 08:00 pm. (Park ticket life is not for 24h hours.) See Prices

For camp. (For rent a camping tent) in any of our camping areas., You need to pay the general ticket for arrival day (Day 1) and ticket for the next day (Day 2).
In other words, 2 park tickets permits to camp for 1 night and so on.
If you don´t have them. You can buy them that at the moment when you rent a camping tent in the local business.

Example: Si usted llega el Sábado por la mañana (9 am) y desea acampar hasta para Domingo (5 pm), deberá pagar el total de 2 entradas al balneario por persona, y cubrir el costo de la casa de campaña para la noche del Sábado. Es decir, pagar entradas para Sábado y Domingo más el costo de la renta de la casa de campaña.

Next. We show you an structure, how works the ticket payment system plus the rent of camping tent.


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Vigencia de 7am a 8pm



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